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For the last several months I have been working on the follow up to my piece "9 Months". This will be the third and final installment in the series, and will be shown with documentation of the first two pieces, "9 Months" + "Garden Bed", upon completion. In the mean time, I'm happy to share these photos from the studio of my progress, shot by Jennifer Salim, edited by E. Aaron Ross. PIC 1, PIC 2.

Speaking of photos, I now have a dedicated website for my photography. www.eaaronrossphoto.com is finally alive! Go there to see the photos I snapped of Harm's Way for their new LP on Deathwish Records. I also made a site just for my design work as well www.eaaronrossdesign.com. Notice a trend with these domain names?


18 months


My piece "9 Months" opened officially yesterday at the outdoor Chicago gallery, Terraformer. It is essentially a sculpture of a baby made of frozen semen, collected over the course of 9 months. The piece will remain there only until the weather becomes so warm that it melts. Stop by now before it's gone! The Facebook event and description is here, and photos will be posted in the near future.

I also recently posted images from my December performance at New Capital, "368 Records Played for the First and Last Time". This performance and installation was part of New Capital's 24hrs/ 25days final exhibition before closing their doors, and I was pleased to be a part of it. I have also been continually posting new photos to my Tumblr, such as a short East Coast tour I came along on with friends Harms Way, following Christmas 2012.


9 Months - Frozen Semen Baby


This week I will be doing a new performance and installation piece at the Chicago gallery, New Capital, as part of their final show, 24hrs/25days. This performance will begin promptly at 6PM on Sat., December 8th, and last approximately 30 minutes or less.

In a plexiglas enclosure, I will be stacking all of the remaining Maribelle LP's for "With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends" on my record player and cutting them with a chainsaw. The sounds will be amplified through my stereo via contact microphones on the records themselves. The title of this piece is "368 Records Played for the First and Last Time (With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends)".

View the Facebook event for more details, and learn more about New Capital. Hope to see you there.


368 Records Play for the First and Last Time


As some of you may know, I've been working on this "Work" survey for quite a while now. I finally have the site for capturing the information up and working, and have been contacting artists daily.

This project is essentially a reverse survey, in the sense that it reveals the participants identities and information (whatever they volunteer to give), but does not summarize the data in any way. Depending on the responses I get, it may ultimately be a series of mostly blank pages with the names of people asked to participate and the absence of information. You can read more about here: http://www.eaaronross.com/worksurvey/


Work Survey


It has been a long long time since the last update, and so much has happened. Last month my video piece, "Decision Making (A Triptych)", screened at the Brooklyn Film Fest, and next month I will be going to Chesterhill, OH for two weeks for the Harold Arts Residency.

Maribelle has released a video preview of the new album "Only An Impulse", two new songs on our bandcamp page, and announced tour dates. "Only An Impulse" will be available August 1 in cooperation with Drugged Conscience. More soon!


LA Beach


We have started recording for our new full-length at Bricktop Studios in Chicago! Check out some pictures of us in the studio. Drums and bass are all done, and we're now working on guitar. 10 songs is going to take us about 10 weeks I think, but I'm excited for the results.

We are also playing a Chicago show at The Empty Bottle next Wednesday 8.17 with House Sounds at 9:30. It's FREE if you send an email to rsvp@emptybottle.com with Maribelle in the subject. Check out the Facebook event, or view the flyer!


Pat recording for new Maribelle LP


Maribelle just released 5 new songs on CD as a pre-release for what will be an 8+ record to be completed this summer. Listen now on Bandcamp. The CD was completed just in time for our 6 day southern tour with Chicago friends Spells, which was just long enough to want to never go home. Plans are in the works this summer to travel east and west. We also have a couple of great Chicago shows coming up. May 5th with Chuck Ragan, Sharks, and Elephant Gun, and the second on May 16th with Animal City, Company, and Filmstrip.

TWEEN. The show is lovingly spoke of as the GIF show, since much of the art will be in the GIF format. If you live in the Seattle area, check out my film "A Field Guide for the Modern Uncircumcised Male" showing at the Seattle True Independent Film Fest (S.T.I.F.F.)! I have also begun contacting artist and musicians to participate in a new art project entitled "WORK: A Financial and Lifestyle Survey". Learn more about what that means on the project's website.


LA beach


O'er the Waves has recently released our first recording and posted the entire record on Bandcamp. It's 8 songs available digitally or on CD entitled "Underneath the Window". The background of this page is currently one of the photos I shot for the insert of this release. Sarah and I are both really proud of the record, so make sure to check it out!

Maribelle has officially begun playing out in the new format, with new members and new songs. We played our first "electric" show in Chicago a couple of months ago, and are on the path to recording in the near future. Two Chicago shows coming up on Feb. 16th and 18th at Summer Camp and Treasure Town. Details coming soon. 4 day weekend to Nashville is also in the works with our friends Spells for the last weekend in March.


LA beach


Maribelle has released our first music video for the song "Please" from our debut LP " With Teeth Sharp as Old Friends". View it on Vimeo, YouTube, or on this site! We also just played a great show at The Empty Bottle the other night with Wish Gift and Meah and had a great time. We have two more Chicago shows this month, on the 13th with Spells, and the Lovey Dovies, and on the 24th with Paleo.

There is also a new band in the works called O'er the Waves, which will be premiering at Cafe Mustache on Sept. 26th with Bad Heart Bull and Iji from Seattle. Hope to see you there!


Aaron in DC