E. Aaron Ross
E. Aaron Ross

E. AARON ROSS is an artist living and working in the city of Chicago, slated to begin the MFA program at the University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2017.

A graduate from the University of Illinois at Chicago with BFA degrees in Graphic Design and Moving Image (video / film / studio art). He may also be recognized from years past curating at the independent art space Captive Audience Screening Gallery, or performing musically with Weekend Nachos, Harm's Way, Plan of Attack, Encyclopedia Brown, Sidewalk, Meah, and Maribelle.

e:  aross@eaaronross.com

v:  vimeo.com/eaaronross
p:  eaaronrossphoto.com
p:  vsco.co/eaaronross
i:  instagram.com/eaaronross

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